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"steel alloys must be protected"

New generation of products based on Polyisobutene Polymers, totally impermeable once applied, which has been market and developing leaders of new products for applications in sealing and corrosion prevention on Structures, Reservoirs, Buried and Submerged Piping and Pipeline Systems, but also with in atmospheric conditions (above Ground or Water) while meeting stringent health, safety and environmental criteria.

stopaq band
stopaq filling
seal for life


Provide customers and asset owners with the opportunity to optimize budgets, considering the ease of application in construction or maintenance by adding a 30 Year Warranty and Life Expectancy of over 60 Years

Applications include Renewable Energy Structures, Processing Plants, Onshore and Offshore Gas and Oil Pipelines, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Maritime Installations, Water Networks, Basic Sanitation, Civil Structures, etc. 

Features and Advantages

  • Products with no shelf life in storage and ready to use - no aging.

  • These products can be applied on substrates with reduced surface preparation (degreased, cleaned and dried), in accordance with the requirements of ISO 8501-1 Grade St 2, roughness being irrelevant.

  • Manual application, easy and fast. Does not drip, permanently flexible and homogeneous thickness.

  • Totally impermeable to water and oxygen. 

  • It has high dielectric strength.

  • Remarkable adhesion and self-healing characteristics.

  • Environmentally friendly products with a life expectancy of over 60 years. 

  • 30 year warranty.

STopaq areas de aplicacao

Application Areas
All steel alloys must be protected
Underground Areas
Submerged Areas
Atmospheric Areas

Underground Areas

  • Structures, Reservoirs, Piping/Pipeline Systems of all diameters including Flanges, Valves, etc.

  • In the Soil / Air transition of Pipes , Pipelines and Structures. 

  • Recovery of weakened / damaged corrosion protection systems.

Submerged Areas

  • Structures and Tubes of all diameters on Platforms and Ports.

  • In the Water / Air transition of Pipes, Pipelines and Structures. 

  • Recovery of weakened / damaged corrosion protection systems. 

Atmospheric Areas


  • Passes walls of tubes, cables and conduits

  • Tank base between the bottom surround ring and the concrete base.

  • Encapsulation ends

Anti-corrosion protection:

  • Flanges, Studs and Gaskets

  • Expansion joints

  • Support brackets

  • Tubes and Structures

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