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MONTIPOWER Bristle Blaster can clean metal surfaces in one go, with a quality equivalent to the requirements of ISO 8501-1 Grade SA 2½, SA 3 and roughness of 50 to 85 microns, essential conditions for good adhesion of paints and other industrial coatings

Monti bristle blaster pneumatic machine
Monti bristle blaster eletric machine
Monti bristle blaster cordless machine

Main advantages

  • Easy, quick and economical mobilization.

  • Eco-friendly, practical and low-risk equipment.

  • Challenges abrasive blasting in terms of Cleanliness and Roughness.

  • Does not cause perforations in materials with reduced thickness or corroded areas

  • Does not develop heat and does not promote deformation.

Facts and Statistics

Surface preparation is often overlooked at locations hard to reach, congested or remote areas resulting in premature failure of industrial painting and coating systems

Main causes:
- Preparation of surfaces 80% to 85%
- Application of paints and coatings 15% to 20%
- Selection of protection system 2% to 5%

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