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Corrosion Prevention & Control Services

Consulting, Auditing, Training and best Engineering practices in the field of Materials, Corrosion, Inspection and Maintenance aiming for Quality, Low Risk and Environmentally strategies, in order to enhance Mechanical Integrity of Static Equipment, Storage Tanks, Piping, Pipelines and Structures.

Products and Solutions for Corrosion Problems

  • MONTIPOWER: Ecological Metallic Surface Preparation without Abrasive Blasting 

  • STOPAQ: Products of Excellence in Anti-Corrosion Protection

Vision, Mission and Values

  • Petrochemicals, Refineries, Storage and Distribution Centers

  • Platforms (offshore)

  • Gas pipelines and oil pipelines

  • Infrastructure and Steel Bridges

  • Wind farms

  • Hydroelectric dams

  • Maritime Installations, Naval Shipyards, Oil Tankers and Boats

  • Chemical and Paper Industry

  • Water Networks, ETAR's and Basic Sanitation

  • Construction and Maintenance


Promote environmentally friendly engineering strategies in Corrosion Prevention and Control, improving the Mechanical Integrity of Tanks, Pipes, Pipelines and Structures.


Share innovative and quality solutions to combat corrosion in a simple, practical and low-risk way. Ensure the growth of itself, employees and customers. 


Improve the sustainability and reputation of our customers.
Valuing industrial activities that are not harmful to health and the environment.

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